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Industrial and Commercial Electrical Service in Great Bend, Ks with Licensed Electricians

60' double basket

We can also provide trenching and underground fault finding.

Our Industrial and Commercial Electrical Service Provides:


* Computer cabling

* Fiber optic installation, Termination and Hardware

* Industrial electrical systems

* Agricultural electrical systems

* Irrigation systems electrical repair

* Variable frequency drives, programing and installation

* Automatic standby generators

* Generator preventative maintenance programs

* Electrical preventive maintenance programs

          Thermal imaging to detect hot spots

* Industrial safety programs            

          Arch flash study and labeling            

          lock out and tag out procedures

* PLC Programing and installation

* Custom control systems and panel building and fabrication

* Medium and high voltage feeder installation

* Energy audit study to include LED retrofit   

* Power quality monitoring and recording

* 24/7 Monitored Fire and Alarm System

* Security Camera's

Hammeke Electric Inc. has the expertise to provide industrial and commercial electrical service to Great Bend, KS' businesses. We do computer cabling, fiber optic installation, industrial electrical systems instalation and repair, agricultural electrical systems and more.

We are fast, dependable and always available. We have both the equipment - a 60-foot bucket truck - and the expertise - owner and master electrician, Tim Hammeke, along with our 7 other licensed electricians.

So when you've got a glitch in the switch or a short in the circuit, call Hammeke Electric Inc. We'll get you back to business fast.